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Organic Balm Kawakawa 100g

Organic Balm Kawakawa 100g

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Product Description

  • 100g Aluminium container
  • Bees Wax
  • Olive Oil
  • Kawakawa leaf
  • Manufactured in New Zealand

I can’t say enough about this miracle kawakawa balm. In fact, I’m in danger of turning this description into a novel because It has so many proven qualities. I have used kawakawa on all of my children and now grandchildren. I have seen babies with a nappy rash that was so raw they couldn’t sleep while teething. I put kawakawa balm on and within minutes they settled and went to sleep. I have seen this balm soothe terrible burns. Bee stung children who are in tears then laughing and playing a couple of minutes after putting this balm on. To this very day, both my husband and I use it every day. As we get older we tend to get more aches and pains than ever before. Kawakawa relieves all of this. It is truly amazing. There is not enough said about our miracle balm. Every household should have a supply of kawakawa balm and lip balm. In the home, at the beach, in the car even at work.

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