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Baby Gift Pack Grey zigzag Swaddle

Baby Gift Pack Grey zigzag Swaddle

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Introducing our exclusive baby gift pack, carefully curated with essential items for your little one. Each pack includes:

  1. Baby Swaddle (120 x 110 cm): Made from 100% muslin fabric, this soft and breathable wrap will provide comfort and security for your baby during naptime and bedtime.
  2. A specially formulated Milk Silk baby swaddle set hat and headband for sensitive skin 129 x 80.
  3. Maori Designed Cotton Dribble Bibs (Set of 3): the pack contains three Maori carefully designed cotton dribble bibs that rotate keeping baby covered from front to back and durable detachable domes.
  4. Baby Boy Hat: Keep your little prince's head protected and add an adorable touch to his outfit with this cute baby hat.
  5. Baby Teethers (Set of 2): Designed to soothe teething discomfort, these baby teethers are made from safe materials and will provide relief for your baby during this challenging stage.
  6. Organic Baby Hair Brush: Gently groom and care for your baby's delicate hair with our goats wool baby hair brush, ensuring a soothing experience for your little one.
  7. Pacifier Clip: Never lose or drop a pacifier again with our handy pacifier clip, keeping the pacifier within easy reach while preventing it from falling on the floor.
  8. Welcome Milestone Card: Capture the precious moment of your baby's arrival with our "Welcome" milestone card, creating lasting memories to cherish.

Whether you're preparing for a baby shower or searching for the perfect gift, our baby gift packs offer a convenient and thoughtful solution. Enjoy a stress-free gifting experience with our carefully curated selection. Save time and effort while providing something special for the little ones and their families.

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