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Māori Poi Purple Koru Rakau with purple & black Braided Cord

Māori Poi Purple Koru Rakau with purple & black Braided Cord

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                                            **Each Pair of Poi is unique and one of a kind**
  • Foam ball 30cm
  • Māori-designed fabric
  • Cellophane inner wrap
  • 30cm length 4-plait using strong braid
  • Woollen tassels

Poi was originally made from Raupo a fibre found in the swamps of Aotearoa (New Zealand) wrapped around a rock and bound by muka (flax fibre) used to strengthen the wrists of warriors for warfare using the Patu the Taiaha the Tewhatewha etc. In today's world, Kapahaka is very prominent in all tribes and the poi is used for performing arts. We as parents and now grandparents have always had the poi for our children growing up. The Poi helps with hand and eye coordination, motor skills, balance and builds their confidence. Plus hours of fun singing and performing the babies absolutely love them. The materials used are safe enough to throw in a regular wash for hygiene. They last for years. Not recommended for chewing babies. We have chosen various designs and colours all based on Maoritanga (things Maori)

These beautiful poi sets are all carefully hand-made and designed to last.

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